Natural Soap

Healthy skin can be achieved through the use of organic body soap, while simultaneously aiding in the preservation of the environment. “Organic ingredients are grown without chemicals and pesticides, both of which can pollute the water supply, air, and soil” (Group). I have recently switched from using a chemical-based body soap to one that is made from natural ingredients, such as honey and glycerin. There are noticeable changes in how it affects my skin, in that it has a softer feel while achieving the same level of cleanliness. Often times, I have experienced dryness of skin after using conventional soaps, so this is a significant change that is also environmentally friendly. These products can be easily found in places such as local grocery and department stores, adding a certain convenience to the process of choosing alternative products. While changes in price may not be considerable, the amount of toxins entering one’s body severely decreases; as well, most of these products are cruelty-free, meaning that one can benefit society along with his or herself and the environment through switching from chemical based body soap to organic options (Group). 


4 thoughts on “Natural Soap

  1. That’s so crazy how chemicals may be able to dry out our skin! Are there any particular chemically okay brands or products you have personally tried that help with dry skin?


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