Organic Food


The choices we make on a daily basis regarding topics as simple as food options can aid in the overall well-being of not only ourselves, but also the environment. Organic foods are a perfect example of this: “Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution” (Hensrud). Many environment disasters, such as pollution and pesticide-caused species extinctions can be combated through consuming these products as opposed to foods raised using conventional means. Though there are no apparent changes in nutrient levels, purchasing these alternatives provides a knowledge that harmful pesticides and hormones will not be present in the foods we eat on a daily basis, preventing various health risks associated with these factors (Hensrud). The downfall of choosing organic foods is that there is an increase in price in comparison to conventional foods; however, the benefits of these options far outweigh this setback, in that dangerous chemicals and hormones will not be produced, thus, aiding in the planet’s preservation.


2 thoughts on “Organic Food

  1. Interesting read! I loved how you included the fact about the harm towards Earth’s organisms. Could you maybe discuss the specific damages towards the environment in genetically modified foods in the next blog?


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