Wooden Hair Brush


(“DIY and Crafts Magazine”)

There are numerous ways one can switch to using more natural products through one’s daily life, though one interesting idea I have come across is using wooden hair brushes. This product has tremendous environmental benefits, as “… [they are] crafted from bamboo, which is a sustainable resource – it rapidly regrows after being harvested, and it can grow in damaged and soil depleted soil” (Kate). The environmental benefits are incredibly reassuring, as hair brushes made of conventional plastics do not easily decompose — creating a fairly significant downside. Aside from the ecological advantages, these brushes also aid in the health of one’s hair. I have recently started using one made of bamboo, and have found that it is softer on my scalp and decreases my hair’s static and frizziness. The wooden qualities of the brush also help to “naturally condition your hair, and evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft” (Kate). Alongside my regular hair care routine, I especially enjoy using this brush after I wash my hair, as it results is less breakage. I would definitely recommend using wooden hair brushes in exchange for conventional alternatives, as there are far more benefits for both the hair and the environment. This product is readily available, since it can be purchased at virtually any store that carries hair products. I personally found mine at Marshall’s at a very reasonable price. In the process of switching to natural lifestyle alternatives, this is truly an easy and affordable change that possesses many advantages.


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