Rice Water



For quite a while now, I have been searching for natural alternatives to conventional hair and skin care products. Recently, a friend of mine has informed me of the benefits of rice water in regards to skin and hair, and I have been motivated to try it out for myself. For clarification, rice water is “the water remaining in the pot of boiled rice, [and] has been used for centuries by women as a hair and skin treatment and even taken internally for health benefits” (Nelson). My hair and skin became significantly softer after I applied this product, and I highly recommend it in exchange for commercial alternatives. I would suggest using breeds such as wild and balsamic rice as opposed to minute rice, since these breeds produce better results (considering that they are more raw). The environmental setbacks associated with rice water are virtually nonexistent, given that rice occurs naturally on the earth. Here are the steps I have conducted to obtain the best outcome:

  1. Begin by rinsing and drying the rice of choice.
  2. Cook the rice using one’s regular methods conducted when preparing this meal.
  3. After it has been cooked, drain the rice (which can be eaten at a later time) and spoon in four to five tablespoons of the water onto wet hair; afterward, rinse it out. For skin care, soak the water onto an applicator — such as a cotton ball — and apply it to one’s face.